30 March 2010

Refuting the Purveyors of Hate of the Church

Obviously there have been numerous news reports coming from the secular press and the usual Catholic dissidents personally attacking the Pope over the sex abuse crisis and their search for the "smoking gun" that will rid them of the greatest obstacle in their grail quest of moral relativism.  Their fanatical hatred of the Pope is perhaps only eclipsed by their  hatred of George Bush.  In true fashion they haven't allowed anything like the Truth spoil their hysteria.  I don't need to reinvent the wheel so here are three well written articles refuting the errors they keep spewing forth.  And remember to not lose heart over this which fittingly takes place during Holy Week.  As Jesus suffered during his earthly life, the Church must likewise suffer and we too are called to offer our sufferings united to Christ's. 

 Rebuttal by Fr. Raymond J. de Souza in National Review Online

Article by George Weigel in First Things 

Article by Jimmy Akin in the National Catholic Register

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