20 March 2010

Modern Martha's - LCWR, CHA, and Network

Fr. Barron in a talk on Three Paths to Holiness explains the Gospel story of Martha and Mary as not merely a contrast between the active and contemplative life as is it commonly understood.  Instead he sees that the rebuke of Martha by Jesus is more than her being active but that her activity is scattered, leaving her anxious and troubled,  lacking Mary's focus on the one thing necessary, porro unum est necessarium, which is obviously Jesus.  

Like Martha it would seem that many of our modern women religious, especially those who belong to the LCWR or involved with groups like the Catholic Health Association and Network are so busy "living the Gospel" in their words, that they have forgotten the,  porro unum est necessarium, Jesus, in their mission.  In the words of St. Augustine in his sermon on this same passage Martha is busy serving, Mary has chosen to be fed.   These women in their worthy desire to minister to others have forgotten that their primary mission is to bring others to Jesus.

But how does one lead to Jesus by causing scandal through public opposition to the U.S. Bishops on the issuse of healthcare.  By supporting a healthcare plan which will ultimately use Federal dollars for abortion even if it initially gets filtered through a complex accounting scheme.

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