10 February 2016

Iglesia de la Vera Cruz of the SMOM in Segovia, Spain

The Iglesia de la Vera Cruz or Church of the Holy Cross in Segovia, Spain was originally built by the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher in the 13th century. It was passed to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem on September 23, 1531 and now remains in it's possession.

Story on the Order of Malta from France

A nice, quasi-vintage video on the Order of Malta with some historic footage from 1999 and the anniversary of the founding of the Order which took place on Malta, including a glimpse of the late Fra Freddie. There is also some footage from inside the Magistral Palace with the late Grand Master Fra Andrew Bertie. It also highlights some of the work of the Order in France. Although it is in French the video is still interesting to watch.


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