22 March 2017

Fra' Festing Could be Re-Elected Grand Master

We can only hope so. I borrowed this comment on the article from Fr. Lawrence Lew and share his sentiment. [A charming interview with the former Grand Master of the Order of Malta that captures his personality and genuine love for the poor:]
From the article, “I personally like doing things.” So even after 2008 he continued to volunteer at Lourdes railway station, carrying newly arrived pilgrims off the trains in their wheelchairs and on stretchers. “I remember when I said I was damn well going to go on doing that, some people very much disapproved. They said, ‘No, no, no, no – the Grand Master is much too important and grand for that.’ It’s silly.”
Read the full article at the Catholic Herald, http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/commentandblogs/2017/03/22/the-pope-said-i-could-be-re-elected-an-interview-with-fra-matthew-festing/?utm_content=buffer7f030&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

01 March 2017

Philip Lawler Commentary on This Disasterous Papacy

Philip Lawler has written another excellent article for Catholic Culture on what we can and should do  when the non-fallible speech of the Pope threatens to undermine perennial doctrine. Some would prefer to minimize or downplay this to "focus on the good" or not talk about it in public so we don't cause scandal. As though silence in the face of evil isn't itself scandalous.
In a large family, how should a son behave when he realizes that his father’s pathological behavior threatens the welfare of the whole household? He should certainly continue to show respect for his father, but he cannot indefinitely deny the danger. Eventually, a dysfunctional family needs an intervention.
In the worldwide family that is the Catholic Church, the best means of intervention is always prayer. Intense prayer for the Holy Father would be a particularly apt project for the season of Lent. But intervention also requires honesty: a candid recognition that we have a serious problem.



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