05 September 2011

Prince Alois of Liechtenstein Vetos Bill to Legalize Abortion

From an article by J.C. von Krempach at the blog Turtle Bay and Beyond, which covers international law, policy, and institutions.

In the small Principality of Liechtenstein, a popular referendum is held on a bill that would legalise abortion. But Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, the heir apparent to the throne (who is exercising the functions of Head of State on behalf of his father, HSH Prince Hans Adam II.), has publicly stated that he will in any case use his veto right against this bill.

This definitely reminds of the famous dictum ascribed to the Austrian Emperor Francis Joseph (1848 – 1916): “My task as Emperor is to protect my people against the follies of their politicians”.
May God bless you Prince Alois for taking this courageous position and may He grant you the grace to remain firm in your beliefs and provide an example to other Catholic politicians and leaders.

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Anonymous said...

God bless him, indeed!


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