10 September 2011

HIRH Archduke Felix of Austria R.I.P.

HIRH Archduke Felix of Austria, last surviving son of the late Emperor Karl and Empress Zita (née Bourbon-Parma) passed away in Mexico, where he had lived for decades.

Felix was born at Schönbrunn on 31 May 1916, the same year that his father was to succeed to the moribund Austro-Hungarian throne. He was named after his mother's brother, Prince Felix of Bourbon-Parma, who later married Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg.

He married at Beaulieu, France, Princess and Duchess Anna Eugenie of Arenberg (1925-1997), by whom he fathered seven children: Maria del Pilar (b. 1953); Karl Philipp (1954); Kinga (1955); Raimund (1958-2008); Marie Adelheid (Miriam) (b. 1959); István (b. 1961); and Viridis (b. 1961).

The Archduke settled in Mexico and led a very successful business career. All but one of his children were born in that country. He will be buried in Vienna as well.

Like his brother Otto who recently preceded him in death, Archduke Felix was also a Knight of Malta.

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