27 February 2017

Solemn Vows of Frà Bertrand de Villermont

Frà Bertrand de Villermont made his solemn vows as a professed knight of the Order of Malta in February at the conventual church of the Order in France, St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Paris.

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26 February 2017

Bishop Stenger of Pax Christi France is Malteser Intl. Choice as Ethics Committee Chair

So in a recent interview with Andrea Tornielli, Albrecht von Boeselager defended the distribution of condoms in a village in Myanmar in order to be able to provide medical care in the same region.
“Two of these projects could be stopped immediately. The third project concerned the northern Myanmar and was intended to improve basic health service for poor people, with two million euro a year. One percent of this sum, 20,000 euros, was aimed for the prevention of diseases amongst enslaved prostitutes in an area close to the border with China and regarded the Las Vegas “of the poor”. The person who had donated the money had insisted that this part remained in the project. If we had closed the project immediately, we would have left the entire region without health services. Therefore, the board of Malteser International decided to set up an ethical committee, led by Bishop of Troyes, France - Marc Stenger, to decide what to do. And this was the situation when I was elected Grand Chancellor. “ 
So here is some background on Bishop Stenger. It won't be surprising with this background that he would be willing to support the ends justifies the means distribution of condoms contrary to Church teaching. As it turns out he was also on the Board of Malteser International as the chaplain while the condom distribution was going on. As Herr Boeselager said it was the responsibility of the MI Board and not him personally for what was going on in Myanmar

“I didn’t act because it is competence of the board of Malteser International to act. But I saw what they did. Malteser International is a foundation created in accordance with the German law, there is a director, a vice-director and a board. And the members of the foundation are 20 different associations of the Order from various countries. The Grand Hospitaller, the position I covered at the time, is not directly involved in the operational part. His task is to supervise, but not in the lines of command.”
Regardless of whether or not he is in the "lines of command" he still has a responsibility to act as he has a supervisory role.


And some background on the Pax Christi movement which Bishop Stenger leads in France. By their friends you will know them.

24 February 2017

An Interview with the Grand Hospitaller of the SMOM

An interview with the Grand Hospitaller. They keep stating our sovereignty wasn't impacted by the appointment of Archbishop Becciu as the special delegate. That might be more believable if he came from the Congregation of Religious and was not the 2nd in command of Secretary of State. A couple of key take aways. One it looks like they are going to be pushing for an interim Lt for another year instead of electing a new GM in April. Second they will be looking to make the GM position have a mandatory retirement age and also make the position more "collegial." This would be consistent with rumors that there will be a push for a superior for the religious side and a separate "head" of the of the works or sovereign functions of the Order. A Prince and a Grand Master instead of the Prince and GM? Maybe elevating the role of Grand Hospitaller or Chancellor? Its also curious why this sudden desire to reform the professed side. If there haven't  been changes since 1961 why all of a sudden? Have these members of the Sovereign Council been pushing for these changes over the past several years and are we to believe that Fra Festing was somehow blocking these desired reforms and it was necessary to get him out of the way?  Not likely, so the question remains, "why now?"

One of the Frà's I know had this comment to make on the interview,
"Concernant le Code (la règle de vie de l’Ordre), on peut imaginer une évolution du statut et de l’engagement des membres de première classe, c’est-à-dire les chevaliers profès qui prononcent des vœux solennels après un temps de préparation. Il y a actuellement certaines incohérences. Ils font ainsi un vœu de pauvreté, mais qui se réfère aux ordres monastiques alors qu’ils ne sont pas moines et vivent dans le monde, devant travailler pour vivre. On pourrait donc réformer le Code en référence à ce que vivent les consacrés dans les communautés nouvelles."  What an extraordinary state of affairs where the Grand Hospitaller, a layman, not a Relgious bound by Canon Law, is able to suggest that the Professed, all of whom joined the Order and became Professed under the current code, shouid be forced to live in community as monks. There could be no more certain or speedy way of destroying the Professed once and for all. One cannot but help think that this is the intention. It is worth examing again and again how we arrived at this point and then gasping with amazement. Sometimes, life is so extraordinary and upside down that you have to keep pinching yourself to make sure you're not dreaming.

22 February 2017

Modernist Jesuit Superior Says Word of God is Relative

It's no wonder these people have such admiration for Martin Luther, they are protestants just like he is. In effect they are saying saying "I interpret the Bible in my own context, as it speaks to me." Whether by sin or other reason the light of Faith has gone out from these people. How supposedly intelligent people can spout such nonsense is shocking and the fact they actually believe what they are saying is even more stunning.
Q: Cardinal Gerhard L. Műller, prefect of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, has said with regard to marriage that the words of Jesus are very clear and "no power in heaven and on earth, neither an angel nor the pope, neither a council nor a law of the bishops has the faculty to modify them."
A: So then, there would have to be a lot of reflection on what Jesus really said. At that time, no one had a recorder to take down his words. What is known is that the words of Jesus must be contextualized, they are expressed in a language, in a specific setting, they are addressed to someone in particular. 
Q: But if all the worlds of Jesus must be examined and brought back to their historical context, they do not have an absolute value.
A: Over the last century in the Church there has been a great blossoming of studies that seek to understand exactly what Jesus meant to say… That is not relativism, but attests that the word is relative, the Gospel is written by human beings, it is accepted by the Church which is made up of human persons… So it is true that no one can change the word of Jesus, but one must know what it was!
For more of the interview, http://magister.blogautore.espresso.repubblica.it/2017/02/22/marriage-and-divorce-the-general-of-the-jesuits-jesus-too-must-be-reinterpreted/

16 February 2017

08 February 2017

Defense of the Faith Lecture with Cardinal Burke in Kansas City

This Friday, February 10th, Cardinal Burke will be giving a lecture entitled, "The Challenges to the Defense of the Faith in Our Times." If you are in the Kansas City area this weekend you won't want to miss it. 

04 February 2017

Pope Francis' Vision of the Reformed Order of Malta

From Edward Pentin at the National Catholic Register.  But remember he's not invading the sovereignty of the Order.

Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Giovanni Angelo Becciu as his special delegate to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a position he will hold until the election of a new Grand Master as head of the Order.
In a Feb. 2 letter to the archbishop released Feb. 4, the Pope instructed Archbishop Becciu, who will continue in his current position as Substitute at the Secretariat of State, to “work closely” with Fra' Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein, currently running the Order ad interim. He wrote that both of them must work for “the greater good of the Order and for the reconciliation among all its components, religious and lay”, and assist in how to make an “appropriate renewal” of the Order’s Constitution. 
In particular, the Pope said the delegate is to “take care of all matters relating to the spiritual and moral renewal of the Order,” and act as the Pope’s “exclusive spokesperson on all matters relating to relations between the Apostolic See and the Order.”
The Holy Father added that the delegate will therefore have “all the necessary powers to decide any issues that may arise concerning the implementation of the mandate entrusted” to him.

Pope Francis Posters Appearing All over Rome


02 February 2017

Order of Malta Press Conference Feb. 2, 2017

This morning the new hierarchy of the Order of Malta led by the Grand Chancellor held a press conference. A key point as to the future direction of the Order comes in this quote,"The resignation of the Grand Master opens a new phase in the life of the Order, and with renewed vigor, the Order concentrates fully on the enormous challenges in humanitarian diplomacy and the work on the ground." Goodbye SMOM, hello Catholic NGO.


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