20 March 2010

5th Station Simon Helps Jesus Carry the Cross

I was reading in a book of meditations today a reflection on the fifth station where Simon helps Jesus carry his cross.  Typically in this station we contemplate the actions of Simon and his inital unwillingness to get involved and how this relates to our own response when asked to carry our crosses.  This reflection offered a different perspective though. Which was not on the reluctance of Simon but rather the failure of anyone in the crowd to go and help Jesus in His obvious struggle.
Does it not seem astonishing that no one out of that crowd, many of whom had been miraculously healed by Him, and who besides still secretly believed in Him, came foward to offer to carry our Lord's cross? Must this not have wounded so tender a heart as that of Jesus; and do not we also wound Him when we refuse to follow Him in the path of suffering and humiliation, out of unfounded fear or human respect? 

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