25 March 2010

Denying Communion to Pro-Abort Pols

There is a reluctance on the part of some (many?) Bishops to deny Communion or impose other penalties upon pro-abortion politicians.  Instead they prefer to wait patiently for the pol's conversion and recognition of their error.  However well intentioned their excellencies motives may be, any parent with children knows that it is very imprudent to allow a child to remain disobedient without any threat of punishment.  Oftentimes it is not until some tragedy occurs that we realize our mistake.

It is important to recall that the purpose of discipline is to help an individual recognize that they are in error and motivate them to correct their bad behavior, not as some form of vengeance for wrongdoing.  Any person who receives Holy Communion unworthily commits sacrilige and brings further condemnation upon oneself.  With that in mind I thought that this scene from Indiana Jones - The Last Crusade was apropos.

UPDATE!  Dr. Ed Peters has written an excellent article on why it is time Bishops begin enforcing canon 915.  Read the article here

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