21 October 2007

Memorial of Blessed Charles of Austria

Oct. 21st is the memorial day for Blessed Charles of Austria, the last of the Hapsburg monarchs, who became emperor in 1916 after the death of his grand-uncle, Franz Josef. Bl. Charles tried to use his position to govern according to the social teachings of the Catholic Church, he worked tirelessly for peace throughout WWI and struggled to hold together a vast and diverse empire that was embracing the revolutionary philosophy of the day. There are those who will criticize him for this failure and suggest that he was an incompetent fool not deserving of canonization. But he is beatified because of the sanctity of his life and his attempts to rule as a true Christian, not for his success or failure. Follow these links for more information.




Dr. Warren Carroll at Christendom College has a wonderful 45 minute podcast on him. http://christendom.mypodcast.com/2007/09/Blessed_Charles_of_Austria_A_Man_of_Peace_in_a_World_at_War-44030.html

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