10 May 2010

Rogation Days

The three days prior to Ascension Thursday are known as the "minor" Rogation Days, April 25th being the "major" Rogation Day.  Their purpose was as days of prayer, and formerly also of fasting, instituted by the Church to appease God's anger at man's transgressions, to ask protection in calamities, and to obtain a good and bountiful harvest.  One would think that with the circumstances in the world both as relating to man's sinfulness and the number of natural disasters occuring it might be a wise idea to restore these days to the liturgical calendar.  Unfortunately as more and more Dioceses move the feast of the Ascension to the Sunday following to assuage the guilt of those unable to make a second Mass during the week we are unlikely to see the Church reintroducing any additional penitential practices. [In my Archdiocese the excuse given was that this Mass be celebrated  Sunday "to better allow parishoners to celebrate this special day together." Blech!] Oh well perhaps if we just close our eyes and hope that it all passes over maybe it will.

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