30 May 2010

Joseph Pearce - Unlocks "The Lord of the Rings"

There is a fantasic talk available on CD by Joseph Pearce on Unlocking The Lord of the Rings, available from the Envoy Institute at Belmont Abbey College.
Here's the cover description of the talk,
The "Lord of the Rings" is the most popular literary work of the last century. It was also one of the most successful movies ever made. What is the secret of its success? You'll discover that secret and more by ordering your free copy of our exciting new CD, "Joseph Pearce Unlocks The Lord of the Rings." This is a special limited time offer, so order your free CD (plus $4.95 shipping & handling) today!
Mr. Pearce gives wonderful insight to the Catholic theology running throughout the books.
Here's the link to order.

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