24 April 2010

Being an Accessory to Another's Sin

The other morning while having breakfast with a good priest friend the topic came up of the sense of sin among Catholics, or more appropriately the lack thereof. Failing to do an appropriate examination of conscience we judge ourselves as "good" by the simple fact of being nice. We have all heard people excuse different forms of behavior (or done so ourselves) by something to the effect of "well at least I didn't shoot anyone," or "it's not like I robbed a bank" as though those were the only ways we could sin against those respective commandments. But in addition to the ways we can commit a sin personally, there are nine ways we can be also be an accessory to another's sin.
1. By Counsel
2. By Command
3. By Consent
4. By Provocation
5. By Praise or Flattery
6. By Concealment
7. By Partaking
8. By Silence
9. By Defense of the Ill Done

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