05 April 2010

Archbishop Gomez of San Antonio to Replace Cardinal Mahoney

UPDATE! The story is in fact confirmed and Archbishop Gomez will be the co-adjutor of Los Angeles until Cardinal Mahoney retires next February.  All indications are that this will be a great blessing for the country's largest Diocese.

In news first reported by Kevin Knight at New Advent and being confirmed by Rocco at Whispers in the Loggia it seems that the long rumored replacement for Cardinal Mahoney in Los Angeles will be announced at a press conference at 10:00 a.m. Pacific time Tuesday morning. It appears it will be Archbishop Gomez from the Diocese of San Antonio. I'm not too familiar with him but I did notice that he was among the first Bishops to speak about the scandal caused by Notre Dame inviting President Obama to speak last year and commented that the Presidents abortion policies were indeed in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Catholic Faith. He is a numerary in Opus Dei and was also an auxiliary under Archbishop Chaput which can only be positive.  He is a native of Mexico and understandably a prominent voice in the USCCB on the topic of immigration, also chairing the committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church.  One can only hope that this will be a significant change for the several million baptized Catholics in Los Angeles which despite holding one of the largest religious education conferences in the world nevertheless seem to have among the worst catechized Catholics.  I'm speaking here from firsthand knowledge both having lived there and through continued communication with family and friends.  Pray that whoever is named the head of the L.A. Archdiocese that he will have the courage to face the chanllenges he is sure to encounter.

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