04 February 2010

The World Needs Absolution

To recommend political and economic panaceas for he world problem of dehumanized forgotten man, is like recommending face powder for jaundice, or an alcohol rub for cancer. It is not our bodies that are ill; the soul of civilization is sick. The world is in a state of mortal sin and it needs absolution. The Cross and The Crisis by Fulton J. Sheen

This Lent the Archdiocese of Boston is sponsoring a wonderful initiative, The Light is On For You, to encourage reception of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Seeking to promote the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Archdiocese of Boston has launched a new website about how to make a good confession. Its priests will also offer confessions in every chapel and church on Wednesdays during Lent. The website, www.TheLightIsOnForYou.org, describes how to prepare for confession with an examination of conscience. It also provides an act of contrition to recite before absolution.

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