10 February 2010

What's Your Rule of Life?

Many third order members of religious communities follow a modified or even the full rule of their Order to attain a deeper spirtual life.  The Rule of St. Benedict is very popular even among the laity but it may not be suitable for you and your family.  So for those who would like a "Rule" to help their family grow spiritually the Catholic Truth Society of the U.K has a helpful resource.  The CTS publishes many books, pamphlets and other materials dealing with all things Catholic.  They've been around since 1868 and are a great resource for well done, affordably priced works and there's a good chance you've seen them in the rack at the back of your local Church.  One very useful pamphlet is A Rule of Life for Daily Christian Living which is available as a free download online.  It is a guideline on setting up your own 'rule of life' to be used by your family.

Another H/T to Auntie Joanna for this link

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AndrewWS said...

It's perhaps noteworthy that Fr Woodgate used to be an Anglican.


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