16 September 2009

Abortion Funding By Federal Government is Part of the Healthcare Bill

Cong. Bart Stupak a pro-life Democrat was just interviewed regarding his proposed amendment to prevent the federal funding of abortion in President Obama's healthcare plan. We all know that in his speech last week the President declared emphatically that no federal dollars would be used to fund abortion and now it seems the USCCB is ready to take the President at his word. If the President was telling the truth why is Cong. Stupak proposing an amendment that would ensure federal dollars are not used to pay for abortions?

According to Cong. Stupak the way H.R. 3200, the healthcare bill, was originally written there was no mention of abortion funding. However in August the Capps Amendment added to the Bill would allow federal dollars to go to pay for abortion although using typical Washington smoke and mirrors and creative accounting maneuvers designed to create the impression that it doesn't.

To prevent this from happening Cong. Stupak is proposing an amendment to clearly and explicitly prevent federal funding of abortion. In effect closing the loophole that currently exists. We shall see now if our 'Catholic' Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi allows a hearing of the amendment or blocks it as has been the case of all previous pro-life amendments.

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