30 March 2009

Working With The Poor

A wonderful religious, Sister Jean Theurauf has been living in one of the poorest and troubled areas of Minneapolis for over 20 years. She brings a perspective on social justice that is different from most, she lives what she believes. She understands the plight of those around her and knows that the solution is more than slogans,

. . . one can't help but conclude there's a devasting disease corroding our nation. It's a disease of the soul destroying the heart of our country. A more powerful balm than money is required to heal this disease.

Here are some other thoughts of Sister Jean, the "How" of Charity.

Perhaps the time has come for us to realize we can no longer do charity by working for the poor or going to them. We need to change our prepositions and start working with the poor. Yes, it's the human contact in this world that counts.

Mission isn't bringing Jesus to people, but recognizing where He already is. We must believe all people are beautiful. We believe Jesus has already come. He has created, redeemed, and loved. We know His Love continues. Our challenge is to help make His Love, which is already here, become real.

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