20 March 2009

Notre Dame to Honor Pres. Obama with Honorary Degree

For those who have been paying attention, like so many other Catholic colleges and U's the University of Notre Dame long ago ceased to be the Catholic university it was renowned to be. Of course there are many faithful Catholic students, alum, and professors of the University. But ND as an institution long ago sold its soul to be accepted by the modern liberal elite while continuing to live off the fame of its proud history.

The most recent scandal involves the granting of an honorary degree by the ND Law School to President Obama who will also give the commencement address this year. While some will point out that this is consistent with past practice of other President's giving the commencement address, including the past 4, none of the others was given an honorary degree.

While he talks a good game about his concern for social justice, what exactly has he done as Senator or President to alleviate the plight of the poor and the working class? Yet without doubt he has made a made it a priority to reverse every pro-life executive order he could get his hands on. For all his talk about dialogue on the issue of abortion he has made the most extreme pro-abortion cabinet appointments possible. Most recently his first judicial appointment is no moderate on abortion.

But none of that matters to UND, and who should be surprised. This is the same school that allowed the Vagina Monologues to be held (more than once) on campus and then thought they could spin it as trying to present opposing viewpoints on controversial issues. In the UND presidents own words,

"My decision on this matter,” Father Jenkins said, “arises from a conviction that it is an indispensable part of the mission of a Catholic university to provide a forum in which multiple viewpoints are debated in reasoned and respectful exchange--always in dialogue with faith and the Catholic tradition--even around highly controversial topics. Notre Dame's policy on controversial events rests on the conviction that truth will emerge from reasoned consideration of issues in dialogue with faith, and that we will educate Catholic leaders not by insulating our students from controversial views, but by engaging these views energetically, in light of Catholic teachings.”

Anyone think there will be a forum to discuss President Obama's support for abortion and how it stands in contradiction to Catholic teaching? Or how said University can justify honoring a person who will be responsible for the murder of millions.

Sign a petition to Fr. Jenkins voicing your opposition to this matter.
Read American Papist for more updates on this story.

UPDATE! In case it appears that I am being overly critical of UND's at its loss of faith I suggest this article at The Catholic Thing written by Ralph McInerny who has taught there since 1955 and will be retiring this year.

And finally don't be misled by certain individuals commenting on blogs trying to compare this situation with the fact that Ronald Reagan gave financial support to the El Savadoran death squads responsible for murdering and raping 3 nuns. That event took place prior to Ronald Reagan even taking office.

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