22 March 2009

Laetare Medal To Be Awarded to Mary Ann Glendon

This morning the University of Notre Dame has announced it will bestow it's highest honor, the Laetare Medal, to Mary Ann Glendon, the recent U.S ambassador to the Vatican at this year's graduation together with the honorary degree which will be given to President Obama. According to the report from Whispers in the Loggia UND states these awards occured independently of each other with the Laetare medal decision being made before last Christmas. Odd then how this announcement comes out just two days after the scandal created by the decision to give President Obama an honorary degree this year.

Now following the reason of Fr. Jenkins in allowing the Vagina Monologues on campus,
"Notre Dame's policy on controversial events rests on the conviction that truth will emerge from reasoned consideration of issues in dialogue with faith, and that we will educate Catholic leaders not by insulating our students from controversial views, but by engaging these views energetically, in light of Catholic teachings.”
are we to assume that there will be reasoned debate on the pro-life issue, given these two speakers respective differences? And certainly Ambassador Glendon's defense of life would only end up leaving Pres. Obama embarrassed in the eyes of the Catholic students who must reasonably conclude that his pro-death arguments are at variance with the Catholic Faith they were taught during their past 4 years. Now why would UND put the President of the United States in a position of being mocked or subject to derision when he thought he was coming to receive an award and make a nice speech. That doesn't sound very charitable.

So we must conclude then that such a debate will not take place and that President Obama will leave with his honorary degree and that UND will have further eroded its claim to be a Catholic university. Like Pilate who was no doubt an effective administrator and governor, they can wash their hands and say well we find no wrong here. After all didn't we uphold the pro-life position by honoring Mary Ann Glendon too?

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