02 September 2008

L'OCDE - Europe Closer to Recession Than U.S.

We hear the incessant cry about how bad things are in this country after eight years of Pres. Bush and the Republicans. If only we vote for Obama and the Democrats we will be lead to the Promised Land where everyone will have healthcare coverage, good paying jobs, a clean environment and the litany goes on. Those who believe this pitch from the equivalent of carnival conmen would do well to read a foreign or at least international newspaper. This morning in Le Soir, a Belgian paper, there is a report from one of their government agencies declaring that Europe is closer to recession than the U.S.A. Another article puts nearly 17% of Belgian women at risk of being in poverty. Belgium like other European countries has many of the social programs that many of our politicians feel we should imitate in this country. But sloganeering and campaigning on promises and wishful thinking won't give us the true changes we need.

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