10 September 2008

Life Athletes, Inc.

I had the good fortune to hear an inspiring presentation today by former New York Giants guard Chris Godfrey who founded the organization Life Athletes, Inc. Here is a little about them taken from their website.

Welcome to where we live. Here we are committed to what is most important to us. Not in a selfish way, but in a heroic way, because our commitment benefits others too. Nor is our commitment made thoughtlessly. We firmly believe that the relationships between men and women stand at the center of everything that is most important, namely - love, life, marriage, family, and even heaven itself. It is also necessary for world peace.

Therefore we have decided to protect these values by living lives of virtue, abstinence (chastity), and respect for life. This website and our Resources will help explain the reasons for our commitment, and we hope it will help you to decide for your self where it is that you live.

Check out their website and the resources they have available for getting their program started in your local parish or other youth group activity. In an era when so many of the actions of athletes run contrary to our values and provide little positive example for our children it is encouraging to see many of the athletes who are members of this organization pledged to respecting life. Here is a video clip sample from one of their DVD's.

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