25 November 2007

SSPXBishop Williamson says 9-11 Inside Job?

Thanks to Clerical Whispers for this story on Bishop Williamson of the SSPX, never a stranger to controversy, as he joins the 9-11 conspiracy fringe with his latest statements that it was all an inside job.

Bishop Williamson, who's talk was held Nov. 4, 2007 in Bedford, Mass., is quoted as saying: "Without 9-11, it would have been impossible to attack in Afghanistan or Iraq. The forces inside the United States government and driving the United States government absolutely wanted to attack and destroy Iraq. The destruction wrought upon Iraq is unspeakable. And now the same forces want to do the same thing to Iran . . . They may well be plotting another 9-11."

The news item continues: "Heat from the burning fuel of the planes that flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center could not have melted the 47 steel columns in each tower, causing them to collapse, he claimed. And a commercial airliner could not have penetrated six of the ten walls that were breached by 'whatever hit the Pentagon,' he said.

Now I am not an engineer, just a simple firefighter who knows a little about fire, building construction and structural collapse. One thing I do know is that fire is unpredictable and that its effects are often not what building engineers planned for. Burning jet fuel might not melt steel columns but burning jet fuel will ignite other materials like carpeting and office furnishings which are largely synthetics that burn extremely hot and with greater intensity. As you compound the damage and as the fire continues you have a disaster waiting to happen. Bishop Williamson recently caused a stir when he criticized the female doctors of the Church, Saints Theresa of Avila and Catherine of Siena, for assuming a teaching role that was not proper to their vocation. Maybe his Excellency should stick to his proper role of preaching the Gospel and leave the conspiracy theories to Hollywood.

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Eddie said...

What did you think of the evidence presented on mysteries911.com and on roll911.com?

I did think it was exellent and v convincing.

The bit that took me to the fair was that the BBC reported the fall of building 7 BEFORE it collapsed.

The people exposing the inacuracies in the goovernment story seemed to have no axe to grind, airline pilots, army generals, engineers and witnesses...

Also Bishop Williamson didnt critsize the Saints, but the Vatican for recently making Female Saints Doctors of the church. Big difference.


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