19 November 2007

Miles Christi Religious Order

If you are looking to make a retreat check out Miles Christi a young Order of Priests and Brothers. One of their activities is the preaching of the Spiritual Exercises according to the method of St. Ignatius of Loyola. They conduct these retreats around the country.

From their website: "We are resolved above all, to fervently pursue sanctity with the grace of God and for His greater glory, dedicating ourselves to the sanctification of the laity, particularly of college students."This Religious Order wishes its ranks to be formed only of a select group of men of great heart, generous, deeply moved by the magnanimity of Christ, indignant at the indifference with which many respond to His love, with an ardent love for Calvary, and eager to serve" (Constitutions 12). "A horror for a mediocre, useless, and empty life is deeply rooted in every true miles Christi, who, looking at his Lord on the Cross, asks himself, `What have I done for Christ, what am I doing for Christ, what must I do for Christ?´" (Const. 11).

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