10 May 2014

What did Archbishop Lefebvre Think About the Necessity of Vatican II

Adherents and defenders of the SSPX often criticize Vatican II not only for what it became but even the fact that it was called in the first place. They believe that it was unnecessary and foolish. Bishop Fellay criticizes the canonization of Pope John XXIII, "how can it be possible to offer to the whole Church as an example of sanctity the instigator of Vatican Council II." But even Archbishop Lefebvre was open to the idea of the council. Here are his own words,

“To begin with, I can say that in 1962 I was not opposed to the holding of a General Council. On the contrary, I welcomed it with great hopes…I was nominated a member of the Central Preparatory Commission by the Pope and took an assiduous and enthusiastic part in its two years of work…In them(the preparatory schemas) the Church’s doctrine is absolutely orthodox.”

From chapter 14 of his book, An Open Letter to Confused Catholics.

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