24 May 2014

Chapter General Order of Malta 2014

Beginning this Wednesday, May 28th thru next Sunday, June 1st, the Chapter General of the Order of Malta will take place in Rome.

The Chapter General is the Supreme Assembly of Knights, which elects the members of the Sovereign Council (the Government of the Order), the Government Council and the Board of Auditors, amend the Constitutional Charter and Code as appropriate, and discuss important issues such as spiritual status, the humanitarian activities and diplomatic relations of the Order. The Chapter takes place every five years. Please pray for those who will be taking part in this to be guided by the Holy Spirit and for the support and intentions of the Grand Master.


Turcopilier said...

So Fra Luwig Hoffman von Rumerstein has been elected Grand Commander to replace Fra Carlo Ippolito; Baron Albrecht von Boeselager has been elected Grand Chancellor in place of Jean-Pierre Mazery; Prince Domnique de la Rochefoucauld-Montbel has been elected Grand Hospitaller in place of Baron Boeselager (who has served five terms); and Count Janos Esterhazy has been elected Receiver of the Commond Treasuer (vacant since the resignation of Marchese Chiavari in February). The names of other members of the sovereign council will follow later/

Turcopilier said...

The Sovereign Council ordinary members, are Fra a John Dunlap, Fra Duncan Gallie, Fra Emmanuel Rouseeau, Fra John Critien, and Mr Geoffrey Gamble who will now be replaced as president of the Federal Association. This represents a massive change with no Italians holding any of the major offices in the Order's government and nine on the Government Council.


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