10 November 2012

Church of St. John of Jerusalem in Maiano, Italy

Another place worth visiting in Maiano is the Church of St John of Jerusalem, which appears to date from the late thirteenth century.

The hospital annex was founded in 1199 through a donation by Artuico di Varmo, the feudal lord of San Daniele.

The exterior architecture of the church includes a gabled fa├žade of stone surmounted by a small bell gable; it preserves traces of 13th century frescoes.

Inside there is a fresco of the mid-fourteenth century, signed by Nicholas Gemona, depicting Our Lady of Mercy, and a Roman altar with bass reliefs of the first century AD, used as a holy water font.

Before the 1976 earthquake, Late Gothic wooden altarpieces were kept there, one depicting the Madonna and Child, of the Tolmezzo School (late 15th -early 16th century), and the other a Baroque altar named "Altar of Pity" (a triptych panel of late 16th -early 17th century), both quite effective in their style but obviously produced with modest means, attributed to workers from Friuli. There are also paintings (St John the Baptist and St Paul) by Giovanni Maria Furnio da San Vito (1567) and by Julius Urbanis di San Daniele (The Annunciation and the Beheading of St John the Baptist, circa 1580).

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