15 October 2010

ZENIT - A Plea for Life, Truth, Obedience

In a talk to Human Life International Archbishop Burke made the following comments,

Obedience to the magisterium and the demands of the natural moral law are not only important for salvation, but are especially required of Catholics if a culture of life is to be advanced in today's world.

"When shepherds of the flock are obedient to the magisterium entrusted to their exercise, then surely the numbers of the flock grow in obedience," he said. "If the shepherd isn't obedient, the flock easily gives way to confusion and error." Quoting the Prophet Zechariah, he said the shepherd can be "especially tempted" by the assaults of Satan who, "if he can strike him, the work of scattering the flock is made easy."

"Faith is first of all personal adherence of man to God," underlined Archbishop Burke, and recalled the words of a wise professor of canon law he knew who would often tell his classes: "Where there are problems of chastity, there are problems of obedience." Rebellion against the moral truth, Archbishop Burke noted, "is a rebellion against God and all that he teaches us."

Now read the previous post on Catholic views of pre-marital sex and how the percentage of Catholics believing that pre-marital sex is always wrong has gone from 39% in 1972 to 14% today. It must be assumed that a large percentage of these people not only believe this way but also practice what they believe. And since we have not seen an increase in births among all these promiscuous couples we can conclude that they must be also contracepting. And so roughly 86% of Catholics are in a state of objective mortal sin. If Archbishop Burke is correct in his assertion then a large number of our shepherds are being disobedient. Read the rest of the article here, ZENIT - A Plea for Life, Truth, Obedience

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