16 January 2010

News Update from Crudem Foundation in Haiti

The following information is from the Crudem Foundations blog.
Here is the update on what has been happening at CRUDEM’s Hopital Sacre Coeur.

A US Navy helicopter transported 4 patients to us a few hours ago. All were in serious stages of gangrene. One with crushed leg, one with crushed arm. One more load of 6 patients was due to arrive this evening but was delayed because a baby was born onboard! Unfortunately on route the pilot was forced to turn back because of the terrible weather conditions. If a Black Hawk 60 can be pressed into service then they will transport anywhere from 4 to 12 patients. We are hoping that many more patients will arrive to us ASAP.

The pilot reported that the scene in Port au Prince is more desperate then shown on the news. People are “stacked up in piles” all in need of amputations. Damage to Port au Prince is also greater than noted through the media.

The town of Milot has secured houses in the town to house the families of patients from Port au Prince. If they can get to Cap Haitien, the town will send a bus to pick them up.

CRUDEM Hopital Sacre Coeur and the people of Milot are doing everything possible to help alleviate the suffering of the survivors.

We have a general surgery team arriving today and an orthopedic team arriving tomorrow. Caritas in Boston is sending a team of ER docs and nurses and supplies on Tuesday. Phillips medical is shipping equipment such as monitors, portable xray unit etc and technicians to assemble on Tuesday.

We are coordinating volunteer teams to arrive by private plane throughout the week. There is a need for cots or beds and tents or portable building to house the additional patients. Project Hope is trying to help us obtain these items.
We have access to the school courtyard across from the hospital for the tents and portable building. Schools will be used for dormitories for up to 75 medical volunteers. The nutrition center will act as a cafeteria for the volunteers.

The soccer field has been turned into a landing for helos and the community are filling in the ruts and potholes in the road so the ambulances can transport the patients from the helos to the hospital smoothly. The pictures attached show the arrival of the patients.

One of our volunteers on the ground said in a recent email

“The CRUDEM volunteers, staff at HSC (Hopital Sacre Coeur) and the people of Milot are ALL doing an amazing job in every possible way – from fixing pot holes in the street to caring for the injured. In spite of the tragedy there is a strong sense of hope in the air.”

Donations can be made directly on our website www.crudem.org. Please spread the word and please continue to keep the patients and volunteers in your prayers.

On behalf of the hospital staff and patients, thank you so much for your continued support of our efforts.

The Board of Directors and staff of The CRUDEM Foundation Inc.

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