19 November 2009

Feast of All Saints of the Order of Malta

Today the Order of Malta remembers all the Saints and Blesseds of the Order. When we remember “all the saints” of our Order, it is well to reflect that we refer not only to those who have been formally recognized by the Church through beatification or canonization.

On this day we remember the thousands of our predecessors in the Order of St John,including knights, nuns, dames, chaplains, auxiliary troops, supporters who have already entered the presence of God in heaven, for all such are recognized as ‘saints’.

The Collect for today's Mass

O God, the source of all holiness
and of varying forms of it that endow your
Church and build up the Body of Christ,
give us the grace to follow the
saints of our Order
in living for you alone,
by meditating on your law
and by perfect self-denial
so that we may come with them to the bliss of
eternal life.

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