27 October 2009

No Abortion Funding in "Our Plan"

In his September speech to Congress President Obama went on record stating that there would be no federal funding of abortion in his healthcare plan. Most people were skeptical and the USCCB wanted to give him the benevolent benifit of the doubt. But when pushed on the matter and realizing that he could no longer avoid the fact that his comments were contradicted by all the evidence showing that abortion will be funded with federal tax dollars he "qualified" his statement. In another era he would be described as someone who "speaks with a forked tongue." Here is a recent statement from Fr. Frank Pavone,

Staten Island, NY - Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, responded today to President Obama's statement to Congressman Bart Stupak (D-MI) that when he said in his September speech to Congress that "our plan" would not use federal dollars to fund abortion, he was not referring to any of the bills pending in Congress."

Every time the President has spoken of not wanting to fund abortion in 'his' health care plan, no one has really known what measure he was talking about," said Fr. Pavone. "Now we know from his conversation with Congressman Stupak that the President's 'plan' has never seen the light of day. Or maybe, to paraphrase former President Bill Clinton, it depends on what the word 'plan' means."

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