24 October 2009

Patrick Kennedy Didn't Get The Message From His Dad


In response to Patrick Kennedy's ridiculous attack against the U.S. Bishops, Bishop Tobin from Rhode Island made the following remarks,

“Congressman Patrick Kennedy’s statement about the Catholic Church’s position on health care reform is irresponsible and ignorant of the facts. But the Congressman is correct in stating that “he can’t understand.” He got that part right.

As I wrote to Congressman Kennedy and other members of the Rhode Island Congressional Delegation recently, the Bishops of the United States are indeed in favor of comprehensive health care reform and have been for many years. But we are adamantly opposed to health care legislation that threatens the life of unborn children, requires taxpayers to pay for abortion, rations health care, or compromises the conscience of individuals.

Congressman Kennedy continues to be a disappointment to the Catholic Church and to the citizens of the State of Rhode Island. I believe the Congressman owes us an apology for his irresponsible comments. It is my fervent hope and prayer that he will find a way to provide more effective and morally responsible leadership for our state.”
The usual hypocrites have come to the defense of the Cong. by saying that he believes in the separation of Church and State and that the Bishop was out of line for his response. Ignoring the fact that this has nothing to with "separation of Church and State," in the first place it is funny how they have no problem violating their own principle in attacking the Church but become all defensivie when their actions are called to account. As Jesus said in the Gospel, "You cannot serve two masters," it is clear that Cong. Kennedy has chosen Mammon as his master rather than God.

If Sen. Ted Kennedy had a deathbed conversion against abortion he obviously didn't communicate this to his son, Cong. Patrick Kennedy. In a recent interview with CNS the Cong. from Rhode Island made the following comments,

Congressman Patrick Kennedy has a message for the nation's Catholic bishops: You're not pro-life. That's the Rhode Island lawmaker's reaction to a promise from the bishops to vigorously oppose the health care bills in Congress unless amendments are added to remove abortion funding. Kennedy told CNS News in an interview that the Catholic Church is fanning “the flames of dissent and discord” by taking the position.

“I can't understand for the life of me how the Catholic Church could be against the biggest social justice issue of our time, where the very dignity of the human person is being respected by the fact that we're caring and giving health care to the human person--that right now we have 50 million people who are uninsured,” Kennedy told the conservative news outlet.

“You mean to tell me the Catholic Church is going to be denying those people life saving health care? I thought they were pro-life?” he continued.

"If the church is pro-life, then they ought to be for health care reform because it’s going to provide health care that are going to keep people alive. So this is an absolute red herring and I don't think that it does anything but to fan the flames of dissent and discord and I don't think it’s productive at all,"

But it is Cong. Kennedy that is tossing out the red herrings. First of all the Church is not fanning any flames of dissent or discord, nor is it opposed to the "biggest social justice issue of our time", it is simply proclaiming the Truth. If anything it is the Congressman's obstinate refusal to exclude abortion from healthcare that is preventing the Church's support for healthcare reform as proposed.

Next the Catholic Church is not denying anyone "life saving" healthcare. Certainly nobody appearing at a Catholic hospital is or will be turned away because they lack insurance. It is also a convenient lie perpetuated by the likes of Cong. Kennedy that the dignity of these 50 million uninsured is disrespected. A significant number of these "uninsured" are able to get health insurance but decline to for various reasons.

It would be interesting to learn just how many of the "50 million uninsured" die each year in proportion to the rest of the 'insured population'. Any bets that it is less than the number murder by abortion each year?

The numbers just don't add up. If a majority of these 50 million are dying each year, how is it that the same number seems to remain static year to year? After all if this were true we aren't seeing enought people born or immigrating to America to replace those who died.

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