03 August 2009

Eaten Alive - Minnesota Chesterton Conference

The Twin Cities Chesterton Society is presenting the 1st Annual Minnesota Chesterton Conference on Saturday, September 19th, 2009 at St. John's University in Collegeville in the MN Science Center Auditorim. The theme of the conference is Eaten Alive: What the Economic Crisis Has Done to Us (And What We Can Do About It)

Here is a description for the event. You can find full details at the American Chesterton Society website.

In just a few short months we have seen unprecedented economic meltdown and business failure on a grand scale. Accompanying it has been gigantic government growth with bailouts that have resulted in the virtual takeover of certain industries. Thousands of people have lost homes and jobs, and the entire country, along with the world, is facing great economic uncertainty.

Everyone is looking for answers. Among the many responses to the crisis has been an encyclical from Pope Benedict XVI, which has been both praised and condemned across the political spectrum. Lost in all the commotion is the fact that G.K. Chesterton saw all of this coming a long time ago. Like any true prophet, he did not just preach doom and destruction, he offered hope.

The Twin Cities Chesterton Society is hosting a one-day conference and inviting everyone to come and consider the real problems that face us as well as the real solutions. Please join us on the beautiful campus of St. John’s University for the first annual Minnesota Chesterton Conference.

Here is the schedule and lineup of speakers:

8:00 AM Registration and coffee and rolls
9:00 AM Robert Hanten -- “Economic Plunder & Pillage: A Public-Private Venture”
10:00 AM Break
10:30 AM Professor Daniel Finn -- “Justice: What’s Government Got to Do with It?” 11:30 AM Lunch in the main dining room
1:00 PM Joseph Pearce -- “Size Matters: Government, Business and Power Envy”
2:00 PM Break
2:30 PM John Medaille -- “Justice: What’s Business Got to Do with It?”
4:00 PM Arthur Hippler -- Caritas in Veritate: The Social Encyclical of Benedict XVI
5:00 PM Reception at the Great Hall
7:00 PM Banquet at the Great Hall
8:00 PM Keynote Address by Dale Ahlquist-- “The Restoration of Sanity”

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