10 August 2009

Be Taught by [Modernist] Nuns, Become a Public Protestor

As I mentioned in the last post there is ample evidence of the Vatican investigation of women religious in the U.S. Here is another gem from the NCAN website. [To be fair the criticism of NCAN and its members should in no way be construed as criticism of the many wonderful and holy women religious serving the Catholic Church.]
Dear Sister, Annually those of us, members of the Board of the National Coalition of American Nuns(NCAN), come together to critique and review the events of the past year that give us hope as we faithfully live out our lives as women religious in the Church. As we gathered in Chicago August 15-17, 2007, we were heartened by your response to the remarks by the superintendent of schools for the Scranton, PA diocese. You were correct in stating that his request for a letter from your pastor, indicating that you or any teacher is a practicing Catholic, is inappropriate. NCAN congratulates you and supports you in your action taken on behalf of justice. We (many of us former teachers) do know that the class content may be rapidly forgotten once a course is passed. However, we feel that the last lesson you taught your students will shape their future lives. As they mature and grow more solidly to be their own persons, we believe they will follow your example of questioning and publicly protesting injustice. Enclosed is a brochure describing the mission of NCAN. We affirm your public voice for justice. Blessings on your future choice in mission. Sincerely, Mary Ann Coyle, SL for the Board of NCAN

So the best we can hope for after years of being educated by these Nuns is their example of questioning and public protest. No mention of being virtuous Catholics living the Faith they profess and believe just be a public protestor. More than likely they have not been taught the true Faith at all, merely the modern evolution of the protestant "social gospel" movement of the 1920's.

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