17 May 2009

Yes We Can! No You Won't!

The One has spoken at UND and tomorrow the sun will rise and life will go on. It is not a time to despair the apparent victory of the anti-life forces. As the Devil sensed victory while Jesus walked to Calvary it was only for a brief instant before he realized his mortal error and utter defeat. It is understood that the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, will likewise imitate Jesus' physical life by following His Passion and Death before the Second Coming.

As the forces of death rejoice at today's honor it too will be a brief celebration. As the students shouted down the pro-life protestors by parroting "Yes We Can" and giving standing ovations to President Obama we must be like poor Noah who sat building an ark while listening to the shouts and jeers of his onlookers.

We know with a serence confidence by Jesus' Death and Resurrection, No You Won't!

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