04 January 2009

Latin Mass in Minneapolis

Good news and bad news regarding the Tridentine Mass in the Twin Cities. Bad news first. The Mass being held at St. Walburga's in Rogers has been cancelled for a couple different reasons. The good news. In addition to the Mass at St. Augustines's in South Saint Paul, there is now a TLM Mass being said on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 10:00 at St. Agnes in St. Paul and beginning March 1st (the First Sunday of Lent) the TLM Mass will be in the Minneapolis area at Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale. Fr. Brian Pederson, previously the Associate at St. Augustine's, and now the Pastor at Sacred Heart will add the TLM at 11:30 every Sunday. We are still working to get a Mass further west to replace the Mass previously held in Rogers so please keep that in prayers.

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