05 January 2009

Ave Maria Mutual Funds and the NY Times Bias

A few weeks ago the Editorial Board of The New York Times took umbrage with Ave Maria Funds and their advertising on the Laura Ingram radio show. Because these funds pledge "smart investing and Catholic values" the Times felt inspired to find fault with this claim and sought to point out what they perceive as an inconsistency in this statement. They write,
"Ave Maria hews to a far narrower, unmistakably conservative Catholic outlook. A prime objective, explicitly promised, is not to subsidize sexual indecency. Scan its investor materials and you will not find companies like Playboy Enterprises or firms that donate to Planned Parenthood or bestow health benefits on same-sex couples."
Then they trot out the usual misrepresentation of issues that are supposedly the domain of the "Catholic Left" i.e., the Iraq War, the excesses of capitalism and the death penalty. Since the Ave Maria Funds invest in certain companies that build military related items they are "discredited" by the Times as simply being "conservative Catholics" rather than true Catholics. Obviously since John Paul II called the Iraq War unjust and Ave Maria invests in a company that builds Blackhawk helicopters they are hypocrites, well at least according to the Times. I wonder whether the Times would be as outraged if they realized that Blackhawks are also used in Afghanistan or will be used to fly cover for President Obama while he is aboard Marine 1?

This is nothing but more of the same from the biased NY Times but Bill Donohue at The Catholic League makes another terrific rebuttal,
“It should not matter to anyone if a private company has a cross, or a Star of David, or a crescent and star, as its logo. But to those who harbor an animus against religion, it does. It also matters to liberal Catholics who hate those ‘narrow’ conservative Catholics. Indeed, the editorial is not so much a Catholic-bashing piece as it is a conservative Catholic-bashing screed. This would be a disgraceful editorial in any newspaper—it is doubly disturbing that it should occur in the New York Times, blog or no.”

For anyone interested in supporting Catholic values investing they should contact the Ave Maria Funds.

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