13 August 2008

Sen. Casey to Speak at Democratic Convention

It may be cynical but it appears that the decision to allow Sen. Bob Casey jr. from Pennsylvania to speak at the Democratic convention is a calculated effort to draw Catholic voters. Additionally the Democratic platform was modified to include pre and post natal support to women who choose to have their child rather than abortion. While that is clearly a positive step it is largely meaningless as long as Sen Obama and others of the Democratic party remain committed to keeping abortion safe and legal. Sen. Obama has not retracted his statement to immediately repeal the Freedom of Choice Act upon taking office. That means that the sadistic partial-birth abortion would become legal again.

It should also be mentioned that a key aspect of the Democratic idea of reducing abortion is to provide greater access to birth control, including for teenagers w/o parental notification. This is hardly consistent with Catholic teaching both regarding the issue of contraception and the rights of parents.

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