18 August 2008

Garcia Moreno

There is a excellent post on Andrew Cusacks blog about the life of former president of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno. It is sad to see this once Catholic country now forming a new Socialist constitution that is pro-abortion, anti-family. The Archbishop of Ecuador has received death threats because of his outspoken opposition to the constitution. It is time to pray for the intercession of Garcia Moreno to the Sacred Heart that Ecuador may recover its strong Catholic heritage. During his presidency Ecuador was the only country to publicly support Pope Pius IX against his enemies.
"as noteworthy as the Consecration was Ecuador’s distinction of being the only nation in the world to officially protest Garibaldi’s occupation of Rome and seizure of the Papal territories, in order to create a unified Italy. In September of 1870, Pope Pius IX became “the prisoner of the Vatican,” after the Papal city fell to the revolutionaries. Garcia Moreno addressed an official protest to the government of King Victor Emmanuel on behalf of Ecuador. He accused Italy of a “hateful and sacrilegious assault” in depriving the Holy Father of his temporal domains and incomes, thereby impeding the liberty of the Church to fulfill its Divine Mission."
For a much more detailed biography on the life of this great Catholic statesman visit http://members.aol.com/fmrega7/GarciaMoreno.htm

For more information to what is going on there you can read about it at Lifesite News

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