06 March 2008

The Laboure Society

Tonight we had our monthly meeting of the Serra Club of Wright County held at the beautiful Christ the King Retreat Center in Buffalo. The guest speaker was Cy Laurent who is the founder of the Laboure Society. Mr Laurent founded the society after realizing that many religious vocations were being either delayed or lost due to the fact that any aspirant to the priesthood or religious life must be free of debt before entering diocesan or community formation. Much of the debt is a result of college tuition especially from Catholic colleges and universities. It is truly outrageous that those attending a minor and/or major seminary at a Catholic college/Univ. are expected to pay the full rate of tuition even when they continue on and are ordained. Of course someone who goes through the seminary and drops out should be expected to pay but not those who are ordained. Truly we must re-examine our priorities when we give free rides to atheletes who have zero to no chance of every playing professional sports yet expect young men who will donate their life to the Church for very little salary to pay 20-30K each year for tuition. So until our Catholic colleges and universities develop a conscience and help ease this financial burden entirely or at least partially we can support the efforts of the Laboure Society to see that these young people are able to pursue their vocation. It's mission is simple, The Laboure Society exists to provide financial assistance to individuals who must eliminate personal debt in order to pursue their vocation to priesthood or religious life in the Catholic Church.

In addition I encourage you to consider joining your local Serra Club to foster vocations to the priesthood or religious life. To find out more information visit Serra USA .

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