02 December 2007

Latin Mass at St. Walburga's

UPDATE: The Latin Mass at St. Walburga's has been cancelled and replaced by one at Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale.
Walburga's in Fletcher/Rogers/ Hassan Township, MN where a Tridentine Mass was held today
and will be held the 1st Sunday of ea. month and hopefully eventually on a weekly basis. A beautifully simple country Church built by German immigrants in 1883. The sign out front says Mary Queen of Peace which is the name for the parish of the joint churches of St. Martins and St. Walburga's in Rogers.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Thank you so much for helping to make this available! It was so nice to (however briefly) meet your lovely family today! I hope to see you many, more Sundays (AND CHRISTMAS!!!!I'M SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS MASS!!!!)
Okay, I'll stop yelling for joy now!

Tracy said...

Beautiful photos! next time we will leave early enough so Joe can help out. Let me know what I can do to help organize some singing for Christmas Mass. I have very elementary piano skills so hopefully we can find a trained organist in the near future!


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