03 December 2016

Pray Rosary with the Incarcerated

If you have found yourself wanting to get involved with Prison Ministry but don't have an opportunity to actually visit a prison this might by for you.

From a Knight of the Order in Florida. 
"I would like to announce a Malta Prison Ministry initiative beginning January 2017, it's the "Prisoner Evening Rosary of Common Petition". As a Marian Order, we would like to encourage a more frequent use of the rosary. For our incarcerated brothers and sisters, it is a perfect time to teach them to pray the rosary, and offer their petitions to Our Lord, through Mary. It is a perfect opportunity to encourage the daily use of the rosary, and build habits that will last throughout their lifetime. The term "Common Petition" refers to the seven common petitions that prisoners will say each of the seven nights of the week at precisely 8:00 PM, EST. Everyone participating will be praying for the same specific petition, at the same exact time. Attached to this note are the petitions for each night.
Over time, this nightly event will unify all prisoners across the country, in one common prayer for the intention of the day. Over time, we hope to have thousands of rosaries being prayed at the same time, for the same intention, each evening at the same 8;00 PM hour, not adjusting for time zones. Naturally, prisoners are free to add intentions as they wish, but there will be one common intention for the whole country. Hopefully prisoners will invite additional prisoners to their common prayer circle and the spiritual voices will grow, all the while petitioning through Mary, and hopefully developing the habit of the daily rosary.
All the prisoners in Florida pray for the families of all the incarcerated; that the Blessed Mother will watch over these families and keep them from want, and that their children will be properly cared for.
All prisoners will ask Blessed Mother to intercede on behalf of all those who have been falsely accused. That the justice system will bring to light all the facts surrounding their arrest, and they may be treated with the justice they deserve.
All the prisoners will pray to the Blessed Mother to intercede for the poor of the world. That those who have, will enthusiastically share with those who have not. That God, through the intercession of the Blessed Mother, will shower the poorest of the poor with His grace and relieve their suffering.
All prisoners will pray for each other. That their case will receive the fair evaluation that is necessary to render fair judgment. For those that receive sentences, that God will inspire mercy from the judge.
Prisoners will pray to Our Lord in thanksgiving for His suffering and death on the cross. On this day Christ died for our sins, and that they ask the Lord for the strength not to sin against Him further. Prisoners will petition God for the forgiveness of everyone’s sins, and each prisoner personally resolve to renew his/her commitment to a better life.
Prisoners pray to the Blessed Mother for her help and protection against the evils and injustices of the world. That Blessed Mother will intercede with Our Lord on behalf of all nations to govern its people with justice and with true compassion for the least among their citizens.
Prisoners will celebrate the resurrection of Christ. That as difficult as the world might seem, Our Lord and Savior has risen and has promised to deliver all who seek Him out, as well as all those who are faithful to His commandments. Prisoners will pray that the evils of the world will not sway them from following the teachings of Christ, because they love God more than they love themselves.

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Anonymous said...

My son told me about praying the rosary for the incarcerated. He will be sentenced by a federal judge on June 8, 2017. He is currently in a county jail in florida and he is facing a lot of time. Please pray for our family


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