05 August 2016

Knights Hospitaller Commandery of Bubicon, Switzerland

According to the inscription in the mural painting of the benefactors in the chapel, Count Diethelm V. of Toggenburg bequeaths the commandery of Bubikon to the Knights Hospitaller in Jerusalem circa 1192.

In 1215 there was a dispute over the land donated to the commandery between the noble families of Rapperswil and Toggenburg comes to an end with the joint re-foundation of the commandery by both families, captured by the painting of the benefactors.

In 1428 the revenues of the Commandery are transferred to the Grand Priory of Germany which was at that time headquartered in Heitersheim. 

Knights of Malta Commandery of Bubikon around 1750. It was sold to a private citizen in 1789. More historical detail can be found at the Ritterhaus Bubikon website. 

In 1938 plans for renovation of the property began and continued until 2011 when it was finally completed. In 1960 the first phase was complete and the property was placed under protection of the Swiss government.

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