08 April 2015

Professor Mgr Michel Schooyans on the Two Purposes of Marriage

Mgr Michel SCHOOYANS gave a talk recently at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium on the Two Purposes of Marriage. I was fortunate to have Mgr. SHOOYANS as my political philosophy professor when I attended UCL in 1988.  From Mark Lamberts blog, 

Mgr Schooyans is a leading Vatican scholar, a professor at Louvain and an acclaimed academic and writer. He has a doctorate in philosophy and theology and is a priest of the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels. 

The full translation of the talk can be found at the website of Voice of the Family which is a lay initiative formed in support of the Synod on the Family. Here is the opening of the talk,
The second session of the Synod on the Family is close at hand. Three interlinked questions require further discussion at this session: they are the conjugal union, marriage and the family. We have in effect reached a period in the history of humanity in which, beyond doubt for the first time, we are witnessing a radical questioning of marriage and the family. The target in the line of sight is marriage and the family, with their twofold purpose: the unitive purpose and the procreative purpose of the union of a man and woman. Their destruction will lead to the disintegration of human society as a whole. It is the entire human family which is now being attacked, undermined and distorted by hostile ideological currents.

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