11 October 2012

Care of Widows, A Lesson for Uncle Joe Biden

Remember when Joe Biden attacked the Republican plans to get rid of Obamacare and leave people like his aged mother to try and pick a health insurance plan on her own. Here is what St. Paul would have to say about the issue. From today's Office of Readings is the letter of St. Paul to Timothy, 5:3-25,

Make the following rules about widows, so that no one may incur blame. If anyone does not provide for his own relatives and especially for members of his immediate family, he has denied the faith; he is worse than an unbeliever.
So as I said when he made the comment, even though Biden twisted around the Republican plan, let's assume it was true that his mother would have to pick her own plan, why wouldn't Joe help her make such a critical decision? Are we really to believe that he would leave her to make this important decision without his guidance? So either he is a liar or he has denied his faith.

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