15 June 2011

Death of the Grand Prior of England - Fra Fredrik Crichton-Stuart

It was with great sadness that I learned yesterday of the death of Fra Fredrik Crichton-Stuart, the Grand Prior of England. He was a humble and generous man whom I unfortunately never got to meet in person. Nevertheless he was a reader of my blog and offered kind words of support and encouragement. He also helped me with information from time to time regarding the history of the Order, and I'm glad to say I was even able to reciprocate a couple times, once helping to find an out of print book he sought.

Despite his illness over the past year he would always respond to emails and even last week, just a few days before his death, he sent me a picture of Blessed David Gonson, together with some additional bits of information I didn't have, for an article on him I was writing. I mentioned that I was hoping to one day write a book on the lives of the saints and blesseds of the Order and as a testimony of his kindness he promptly responded with a list of people and sources of information to help me in my endeavor. As a sign that despite his illness he was not sitting around waiting to die, he offered to photocopy some of the booklets of information for me. That last email is bittersweet as although I will fondly remember his generosity and willingness to help a fellow knight, even one he never met, I never got the chance to respond and thank him before he died. So I will thank you now Fra Freddy and pray that you are in the company of Jesus and His mother whom I know you love and will remember you in the Little Office of Our Lady which I know was one of your favorite prayers too. You probably have found out the answer to those questions on St. Nuno you were looking for. If so I would be very grateful if you can somehow pass it along. For more biographical information please see the website of the British Association.

Fra Freddy, Requiescat in Pace.

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