27 May 2011

New Notre Dame Trustee Denies She Knew Emily's List was Pro-Abort

Roxanne Martino in a classic case of CYA has denied being aware that the organization that she gave nearly $20K to, Emily's List, promoted abortion. And if you believe that . . . well let's just say it is hard to believe that a person of her business acumen was entirely unaware of the immoral activities of an organization she donated a substantial amount of money to. On the other hand perhaps she is simply acting like Mr. Kruger in this classic episode from Seinfeld. I couldn't shorten the clip to the exact point so you will have to click to about the 1:05 mark to see the comparison.  Of course the whole clip is rather classic and if you are not familiar with "The Human Fund" you'll need to watch the beginning.

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Brantly said...

LoL Great clip from Seinfeld. Brings back a lot of memories


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