25 March 2011

Arson Attack on Minneapolis Life Care Center

I received this letter from the Director of the North Side Life Care Center, a pregnancy care center in north Minneapolis. Thankfully little damage was done. Can you believe though that this incident did not make the local newspaper. (OK so that was rhetorical) One can only imagine the news coverage if someone had attempted to torch a Planned Parenthood clinic or other abortuary.

On Saturday night someone tried to throw a molotov cocktail  ( homemade "bomb" filled with accelerant with the intent of causing arson) into one of the windows at North Side Life Care Center. The device failed to ignite so the damage done to North Side was minimal compared to what it could have been.
The facts surrounding this attempt suggest that an unhappy man, whose girl friend changed her mind about abortion, is trying to retaliate. At this point, we don't know.

A friend reminded me yesterday that if we are not being harassed in some way by  the enemy, we are not doing our job. This incident tells me that we are right on track!

God has always protected North Side Life Care Center and continues to do so.  We are so thankful that our Father loves us and is holding us securely in His arms.

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