14 December 2010

We are called to be Apostles, not conferenciers

Hard to believe this quote is from the 19th century.
"I have just put up with a wretched sermon on Materialism or Naturalism as opposed to supernatural Revelation.  All the worn-out arguments rehearsed at the Seminary were led out in procession before the still Presences of the Blessed Sacrament.  Poor me!  I had come to the Church like "a beggar loaded with prayers."  This whirlpool of empty words engulfed them all, and my soul slipped into the troubled slumber brought on by such prattle.  What systematic warping of the Faith or what lack of it are we to surmise when so many have become completely unaware that the chief stock in trade of man are Faith and Obedience.  Our times call for Apostles and not Conferenciers, for Martyrs and not Demonstrators.  This is no longer the moment to prove that God exists.  The hour summons us to give our lives to Christ Jesus" (from She Who Weeps. Our Lady of La Salette by Leon Bloy - page 95 - #33 below).
If anyone is interested the book is out of print but a copy is available from Loome Books.

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