19 June 2010

Seeing God in All Things - Good and Bad

I was reading a meditation for the day by Benedict Baur O.S.B on seeing God in the things of life that are welcome and those that are not.
As we pass through life, in everything we meet on the way, in everything the day may bring, welcome or unwelcome, we see Him, His continual presence, His holy will, His wisdom, His goodness, His love, and His providence.  In all our labors, trials, sufferings, and temptations, we see God before us and the working of His love in us.  Thus we rest in God's good pleasure, in His wisdom, His goodness, and His eternal love for us.  Therefore we are not disturbed by the injustice and injuries done to us by other men.  Neither are we too concerned about our health, our existence, or our earthly goods; for we have found peace in God.
It is easy to see God's presence in the good and the beautiful but not so easy I think in time of trial.  Even though I try to be accepting of God's good pleasure in trials and sufferings it is often more of a challenge to see His actual presence then.  How often have I told some story about something good that happened in my life and how clearly I was able to see the hand of Providence at work.  But how difficult it can be to see God's love and wisdom when we encounter some trial.  I expect this is true for most people and something to work toward overcoming in order to find true happiness and peace. 

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